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GAC Pindar finishes WMRT Russia in third place, days after win in Norway
8 Aug 17

St Petersburg, Russia, 8 August 2017 – Ian Williams and his GAC Pindar crew mounted the podium for the second time in eight days on Sunday, after finishing the World March Racing Tour Cup Russia in third place. They beat rival skipper Matt Jerwood and his Redline Racing team in the event’s petit final, winning two races of three to claim third place.

Last weekend, Williams took the top spot at the latest event in the M32 Scandinavian Series in Risør, Norway, putting him at the top of the Series leaderboard.

But GAC Pindar do not have time to rest on their laurels. Their next date is in Helsinki, Finland, for the third of five regattas that make up the M32 Scandinavian Series, starting on Friday (11 August).

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