Licensed as a Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC), GAC Taiwan offers a comprehensive range of logistics and shipping services across the whole Taiwan island.

Our services include complex solutions for project logistics, ship spares delivery, ship agency, triangle trade handling, bulk and breakbulk, as well as yacht delivery. We believe in building trust and are committed to forming long-term relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers.

GAC Taiwan is ISO 9001:2008 certified and operates in full compliance with GAC Group’s stringent compliance and ethics procedures. We are also part of the C-TPAT network.

GAC台灣擁有NVOCC 及ISO 9001:2008證照, 致力於提供全方位包括物流及船舶代理專業服務,由北至南含蓋台灣全島。

我們的服務包含各種複合設計的物流業務, 船隻備用零件運送, 三角貿易, 散裝貨物及遊艇運送處理。持續性的服務是我們對客戶、承包商和合作伙伴的長遠承諾。

我們嚴格遵守GAC 集團的道德操守規範和國際反貪污規範, 同時也是反恐 C-TPAT 聯絡網的一員。