9 September 2017
Florida ports, United States

Florida prepares for Hurricane Irma

In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Condition YANKEE was yesterday (8 September) set for the ports of Canaveral, Fort Pierce, Manatee, Miami, Palm Beach, Port Everglades, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay at.

The ports are closed to inbound vessel traffic. No vessel, regardless of size or service, will be allowed to transit through the Port of Canaveral unless authorized by the respective Captain of the Port.

Oceangoing commercial vessels greater than  500GT must depart the ports and anchorages unless prior permission to remain has been granted by the Captain of the Port (COTP). Vessels that will not depart the ports must contact the COTP to request permission to remain in port and provide a contingency heavy weather plan for safely doing so. This plan must indicate concurrent agreement from the host facility. Final facility preparations should be completed. All facilities shall continue to operate in accordance with their approved Facility Security Plans and comply with the requirements of MTSA.

Coast Guard Port Assessment Teams will be conducting port surveys. The COTP may require additional precautions to ensure the safety of the ports and waterways.

Ports, facilities, and operators should anticipate the setting of Port Condition ZULU. If set, all vessel movements shall cease and all waterfront operations will be prohibited, except final storm preparations.

Drawbridges in the area may cease operations as early as eight hours prior to the anticipated arrival of sustained gale force winds or when an evacuation is in progress. During lock-down, the bridge is closed, power is turned off, traffic arms may be removed, the control house is secured and the bridge operator is sent to safety.

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