An effective supply chain has an ultimate goal: keeping stocks to a minimum, whilst maximising sales – the old cliché right product, right place, right time, right cost and most importantly at the right price. GAC’s retail logistics demand planning services give you the speed and accuracy to feed the retail sector successfully.

Combining GAC’s global network and strategically located facilities with our retail supply chain expertise, we drive the flow of your products into the end-user market rapidly with our total package of tailored supply chain management solution for the retail industry.

End-to-end services

Today’s retail production across geographical boundaries means more points of origins and destinations. No matter where your suppliers and retail stores are located, we consolidate at multiple source points and carry out last mile delivery to the local stores.  For e-commerce focused retailers GAC will dispatch online orders meeting the customers' needs with full visibility for both the supplier and the end user.

Along the supply chain, over 300,000 square metres of secured modern warehousing facilities globally meet your storage needs to high hygiene and safety standards. These are supported by our comprehensive distribution capabilities and systems for local, regional or international distribution. At the last mile, specially designed local distribution models managed by our In-house TMS system and served by our transportation fleet ensure on-time delivery with full traceability.

Our customisable supply chain package also includes a wide range of value-added services for handling, packaging, labelling and late-pack customisation to help you respond swiftly to changing and seasonal demands of the consumer market and the streamlined management of reverse logistics.

That’s why around the world, some of the top names in international, regional and domestic retail entrust their supply chain to GAC.

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