Electronics / Hi-Tech

Electronics and high-tech manufacturers, distributors and retailers face some of the biggest challenges in supply chain management. Your products have some of the shortest shelf-lives in the non-perishable sphere. Electronic gadgets, computers, networking and security devices quickly become obsolete when the next version is released on an upgrade-hungry market.

Services for Electronics/ Hi-Tech Sector

Outsourcing for greater efficiencies

In such a rapidly changing industry, efficient and flexible logistics is critical. GAC’s expertise in electronics shipping and supply chain services can help you achieve shorter cycle times and higher productivity to stay ahead of competition.

Our end-to-end electronics supply chain solutions cover consolidation at supplier source, regional or domestics warehousing through to international distribution by sea, air and finally road for the last mile delivery to your retail store or client’s door-step.

Global network, established facilities

Worldwide, GAC has more than 300,000 square metres of premium multi-temperature warehousing facilities with web-enabled inventory tracking to ensure the optimum storage of sensitive high-tech goods. Cross-docking and fast-flow through of time-critical products at our distribution centres further improve inventory management and speed-to-market.

Efficient valued added services

Proper packaging is also essential to avoid damages to your valued electronics and high-tech products. With our packaging solutions, we inspect your original cargo packaging condition and recommend the best method for your cargo size and type. We will adjust or strengthen the packaging to protect your cargo and meet the requirements of the selected freight mode.

Other value added services such as component assembly, co-packing, warranty card insertions, stickering, batching, sequencing or testing prior to delivery, are also available. This enables late-pack customisation within the supply chain rather than at source.

Partnering with GAC not only bring you efficiencies of agile, streamlined operations with reduced stock inventory and time-definite guaranteed delivery but also cost savings from economies of scale from outsourcing and global freight purchasing rates.

At all times, you have the peace of mind with compete visibility of the supply chain and assurance that all our electronics shipping operations adhere to the highest safety and security standards.

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