GAC Corporate Academy

The GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) is the corporate learning organisation of the GAC Group. Established in 2007, GCA delivers specialised, competency-based learning using leading-edge technology and evolved learning processes through a GAC-specific context.

GCA courses are developed by GAC people for GAC people to meet the organisation’s specific business outcomes. The majority of courses are delivered via the state-of-the-art interactive online Learning Management System GAClearn, bringing people together from all across the GAC World.

The advantage of this approach is that GCA courses are always relevant and directly aligned to GAC strategic objectives. It also means that all of the courses are directly demand-driven and outcome-oriented. Every GCA course aligns with a number of GAC TIME Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to ensure consistency in the delivery of our strategic management system.

GAC personnel have the opportunity to select a range of core and job-specific courses from an extensive portfolio including new employee orientation courses, business performance, commercial as well as professional development and leadership programmes – all of which are directly aligned to the current GAC Group strategy, Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP).

  • Over 6500 enrollments annually
  • Over 140 courses run every year
  • Over 30 specialised courses on offer
  • Facilitated by subject matter experts

In June 2014, the GAC Corporate Academy also joined the elite group of organisations to achieve ISO 29990 certification in recognition of the learning opportunities it offers, along with the high standard of quality learning services delivered. Only around 30 learning organisations currently hold ISO 29990 certification, which sets the international standard for learning services for non-formal education and training.

The GAC Group strongly believes that our people are our biggest asset and encourages all personnel to embrace professional development and learning through acquisition of new knowledge, skills and abilities that build upon an individual’s strengths. The courses are available to all personnel throughout the GAC Group, partners and network agents.

The GAC Corporate Academy operates as a semi-autonomous business unit as part of GAC Corporate Head Office based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information, please visit the GAC Corporate Academy website